Fertility/Prenatal Massage

Fertility massage is a blend of massage techniques which help to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and aids in the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions.  When combined with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, this method of massage can help in improving the odds of conceiving.

Pregnancy massage is beneficial throughout the entire nine months of the pregnancy; however, if you are having a high risk pregnancy, it is always best to discuss your condition with your midwife or physician before seeking a therapist.

Fertility/Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy can often relieve many of the most common side effects of pregnancy, whether you suffer from backaches, headaches, swelling or simply  tired feet. 

Prenatal massage works to soothe sore muscles, improve range of movement, and ultimately provide a calm and relaxed feeling to expectant moms.

Before beginning a session with the mom-to-be, I always allow her time to tell me exactly what hurts and how I can use our session to provide her body some relief!